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CHED Zonal Research Program for NCR 1 2008-2011

The Zonal Research Program (ZRP) for 2008 – 2011 is hinged on an understanding of challenges, needs, opportunities and strengths of HEIs in the NCR group 1 area. After workshops with HEI representatives in a zonal assembly, a self-assessment of the past ZRP implementation, and initial analysis of the latest RMIS data on the zone, the components of the ZRP for this ZRC cycle (2008-2011) were determined, focusing on further increasing accessibility of research resources, enhancing HEI capability and capacity to undertake research mainly through collaborative projects, providing an opportunity for HEIs to undertake actual research work given a research agenda, and utilizing such research output.

The premise of the ZRP for NCR Group 1 is the improvement of the research capability of as many HEIs within the zone through an immersion process developed by the active inter-institutional collaboration of the existing research centers in our HEIs.  Cognizant of the gap between HEIs which are most research-productive and those which are not, the ZRC shall aim for high impact research even as it engenders the participation of the least research-productive HEIs in the zone.   

The ZRP for 2008 – 2011 consists of three major components as describe below.

1: Database Building for Meaningful Research Management

2: Research Expertise Building for HEI Faculty and Graduate Students

3: Action Research and Utilization




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