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Research Expertise Building

Through a "discipline grouping" approach, HEIs of the same disciplinal strength are brought together to develop a common research program. The objective is to share, transmit and co-create new knowledge and research methodologies with the other members of the discipline group. The training modules steer away from traditional seminars and move towards immersion into actual research activities. Consequently, many of the proposals combine the objectives of research capability building and research output generation.

The projects considered under this component during the past year inlcude 1) the development of a graduate course for research, 2) the establishment of a product development center, 3) data analysis for truth and effectiveness, 4) discussion forums, and 5) research immersion activities.

Research Capability Building Projects

Project 2.1: Development of Graduate/Post-Graduate Course for Research

The development of a research climate should be the responsibility of each HEI. However, given the varying standards in each HEI, it may help the process if the more research-oriented HEIs help others by offering research courses. Unlike seminar series where participants are detached from the research process, the proposed research courses are output-oriented and geared towards course credits. To work towards actual research output, including its publication in national and international journals, a more concerted research development program is necessary. The program development, including the course design, is part of the output of this project. The teacher education discipline group is responsible for this project.

Project 2.2: Identification and Establishment of a Product Development Center

Research and development opportunities for teachers and students in the hard sciences are best served with industry. Thus, the engineering discipline group intends to tie up with industry in the establishment of product development centers (PDCs). The PDC is a mechanism by which industry may tap into the talents of the academe, and conversely where product developments of the academe may find a market. Within the next 3 years, the planning and establishment of the PDC is expected to take place.

Project 2.3: Data Analysis for Truth and Effectiveness

The concept for this seminar-workshop stemmed from the perception that faculty advisers are not able to advise their students properly because of their inability to interpret statistical data correctly. This seminar aims to help researchers better understand statistical data and be more equipped with statistical tools that oftentimes serve as the foundation of research analysis. This seminar can later form part of the programmed research course that would be developed by the teacher-education discipline group in Project 2.1.

Project 2.4: Discussion Forums

Over a 3-year period, several discussion forums, within and possibly across discipline groups, shall be conducted as a venue for exchanging views on methodologies and new ideas. These discussion forums, with about twenty participants, can be used by HEIs to prepare their institutions in drafting sound proposals for funding through the Grants in Aid component of the ZRP. It can also be used to assist other HEIs in the areas of difficulty they encounter, or are expected to encounter, as they undertake research-related work.

Project 2.5: Research Immersion Activities

This research capability module exposes researchers to actual research activity. Research projects shall be designed by discipline groups to be implemented and funded by each HEI. Framework of current studies on graduate tracer studies and cost analysis of degree programs, for instance, may be used by different HEIs for their own benefit. Subsequently, the output of each HEI may be integrated into a comparative study. The ZRC shall fund the beginning (research design) and end activities (integration and dissemination) of these sub-projects.

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